Get your sax together : Jamie Anderson

For me, one of the best saxophone youtube chanel ever. This british guy is a REAL pro with a crazy sax pedigree, and a VERY good teacher. I highly recommand his free one hour masterclass and of course have a look at his youtub chanel. A lot of tips and sax info for all levels. And this guy is very funny (I really like this kind of british humor).

Yanick Coderre

A gread french+english speaking saxophone pro player and teacher. I personnally buy his course to help me discover how to mount and play first notes on my saxophone Tenor. His youtube chanel is also full of golden nuggets tips for saxophone, sounds and so on.

Benjamin Dubray -

Another very good pro player and teacher. A french saxophone player expert. I'm not a huge fan of his website but his youtube chanel rocks.

mon coach de sax

Another french sax teacher.Several of his videos were very usefull for me. Do not hesitate to have a look at his youtube chanel.

Café saxophone -

Not really a teacher but a very good forum to be registered in if you like and play saxophone. Lots of threads, tutorials, tips, accessories and globally informations about saxophone. A great english speaking community so the only two mandatories points are : speaking english and having a saxaophone :)
And it is good to note that ads and optional paid account on this forum is not to let the forum owner getting rich but only to pay for the hosting. All profit supporting special needs music education and Help Musicians which is awesome in my opinion.