Let's record you from your mic and transform it into tablature and musicXML file

Wanna record your solo, impro or your saxophone teacher lick? Let's do it with the magical wand from PlayThatSheet!

  • 1- Calibrate your microphone by playing a A4(La) for 1.5seconds (so that we can detect each note you will play)
  • 2- Click on the record button
  • 3- Blow into your wonderful saxophone instrument and have fun!
  • 4- Click on stop button
  • 5- Save your recorded session into a PlayThatSheet tablature or into a traditional music sheet in musicXML format so that you can fine tune it on your music score software (such as MuseScore, Sibelius and so on)

One more thing. If you found a lovely solo on youtube, you can pick up your phone, play the youtube video while you are recording on your desktop...
Beware of copyrights of course, but if it is for your personal usage and learnings, I guess it is tolerated.

1- Let's calibrate your A4(La)