Who am I : A saxophone beginner

I started saxophone in 2021. I was a total beginner (and I still consider that I am one. I really didn't know anything about music theory but I know that I needed to learn it somehow to be able to play real songs.
Because I wasn't able to remember each fingering of each note of all music I wanted to play. I only wanted to enjoy playing this saxophone Tenor and I didn't want to spend 6 months learning this new language that is music theory. I buy some course online and view a lot of youtube videos about saxophone but I was stuck with this music theory shitty sheets. But finally I tried to build a place with a lot of saxophone tablatures easy to play...

Who am I : A music theory hacker

I'm a computer engineer and computer scientist experts for decades in various industries, and I became a very frustrated saxophone beginner player.
So as a IT expert, I decided to hack music theory. How ? By finding a digital automatic way to create saxophone tablature from real music sheet. PlayThatSheet.com was born!

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