Let's play that sheet with your saxophone!

Enjoy your saxophone on real songs without knowing music theory at all!
Let's play that sheet ! How it works?

Let's play that sheet!

You like music and want to play music scores digitally with your saxophone? (music sheets, music scores, leadsheets, or musicxml files) In the music world there is 2 kinds of people. Those who knows how read music (aka Solfege jedi) and those who don't Play That Sheet is made for both!
What musician category do you belongs to?

Let's play that sheet with tablature and fingering images!

You do not want to learn boring and complicated traditional music theory (aka solfege)? You just want to blow into your wind saxophone and play real song quickly? Of course you can start by memorizing each notes and fingers positions for your favorite songs but you will quickly reach a point where your memory won't be good enough. Then you will need to learn somehow how to read music to be able to play a new song instantly.And we are back to "shitty" music sheets.
As a beginner saxophone player, we got into that zone and we built an algorithm to hack music theory! A kind of translation for music sheet and solfege.

How? By using fingering images that are as easy to play as ABC!

Instead of decrypting this unknown language of notes, rythms and weird traditional music theory, simply fill the hole of your instrument with your fingers as the picture display it. Then, blow into your instrument and let's play that sheet in 5min !

Let's try it

Play music as never been that easy : from sheet to dynamic fingering charts

From MusicXML format

Pick up your music sheet in music XML (not compressed) format (from MuseScore or any well known music software) and send it using the form bellow. You can also use one of our hundreds of existing music xml songs.

using simple tablature

Simply fill the holes when there is a filled dot on the tablature picture. If you are older than 3, you can do it for sure.

Into dynamic tablature following the right tempo

Simply follow the highlighted chord and hold the sound (keep blowing in your instrument) until the dark blue highlighted rectangle reach the next chord. And that's it, you are playing in the right tempo like a pro! You can also use the subtitled traditional solfege versions or let this one for your pro musicians friends and play together! At the end, the aim of music is to share hapiness with other living beings (without killing your ears)

Let's play one music score!

Fingering images subtitles

Music sheet with saxophone fingering tablatures images

Beginner sheet reader

Music sheet with C-D-E notes

Advanced sheet reader

Music sheet in multiple lines

Only text notes

Music sheet in text with C-D-E notes